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5 tips to find a house in The Hague
Discover how you can find affordable student housing in the Dutch capital, including our own hostel! We have five tips for finding houses fast and getting the best deals.
6 restaurants waar je vegetarisch kunt eten in Den Haag
Waar kun je het beste heen als je een vegetarisch of veganistisch dieet volgt? En wat hebben ze op deze locaties te bieden dat wij misschien nog niet weten? Wij bezochten er zes! (En het was heerlijk!) Vegetarisch restaurant Den Haag
5  beste vegetarische restaurants in Den Haag | Golden Stork
Als je lekker en gezond wilt eten, dan is dit artikel iets voor jou! Wij vertellen je waar je de beste vegetarische restaurants in Den Haag kunt vinden.
BBQ in Den Haag

Op een budgetvriendelijke wijze reizen in Nederland is een hele leuke manier om ons eigen land van een nieuwe kant te leren kennen. En dat dit helemaal niet zo duur hoeft te zijn, is een feit. Er zijn namelijk tal van manieren waarop je tijdens het reizen zelf geld bespaart. Zelf BBQ’en op een gesch...

How to travel in The Hague

The Hague is a beautiful city and as a backpacker you of course want to see as much as possible. To see as much as you can, you are going to need something to transport you around the city. Public transport will always be there, but in this blog I will show you some alternatives.

What To do in The Hague; ADO Den Haag

Football has a major cultural influence all over Europe. And for good reasons, everybody from young to old enjoys the game. Not only to play, but also to watch. I tried to play, but wasn’t the biggest talent. So for me, I have to do with watching the game. It so happens to be that ADO is the club I ...

The Green City The Hague

The Hague is one of the greenest cities in The Netherlands. So much so that in 2017 The Hague was awarded the “Groenste stad”. The color green is so embedded in The Hague that you can find it in our flag and local football pride ADO Den Haag also plays in green. So if you visit The Hague you have to...

Best lunch places of The Hague

Don’t know where to go for lunch in The Hague? Don’t worry! I made a top 5 ‘best places to go for lunch in Den Haag’ for you. As a local, I also struggled where I wanted to go for lunch every time. But now that I lunched my way around in The Hague, I do have my favorite spots. So if you have no clue...

Where to go for your coffee to go in The Hague?

Now that all cafe’s and bars are closed because of the Corona Virus, we sadly can’t go for a coffee anymore with our loved ones. Thankfully, many entrepreneurs have opened their businesses for coffee to go! How exciting is that! You can get a coffee to go with your roommate or with a friend, on a di...

Things to   do   in The Hague ,  Scheveningen Beach

As a backpacker you need to have some beach time after cruising through all those big cities through Europe.

The Hague is the city at the beach. The old fishermanstown Scheveningen grew last decade as one of the most popular beach hotspots (over more than 3,5 million visitors a year!) in north Europe...

The Hague on a Budget
Finding things to do in the city can be difficult and expensive. Here are some tips for having fun in Den Haag without spending too much money.