What To do in The Hague; ADO Den Haag

21.05.20 09:20 By The Golden Stork

Life with football

Football has a major cultural influence all over Europe. And for good reasons, everybody from young to old enjoys the game. Not only to play, but also to watch. I tried to play, but wasn’t the biggest talent. So for me, I have to do with watching the game. It so happens to be that ADO is the club I am a fan of. Me and my dad went to my first game when I was 5 and have been hooked ever since. I hope this blog will convince you to go to a game when visiting The Hague.

The Club

Formed in 1905 ADO Den Haag has had moderate success over the years. Most noticeable achievements are winning the “beker” in 67/68 and winning the second division undefeated in 1986. In recent years ADO has not achieved much success, one of the only highlights is winning the playoffs in 2011 which meant they where qualifying for the Europa League.

Ado Den Haag plays in green and yellow, just like the cities flag. Also just like the cities emblem, Storky is the mascot of the club. Storky will make sure you have something to cheer for before the game starts. 

The Stadium

Since 2007 ADO Den Haag play their home games at the Cars Jeans Stadion, a bit outside the city. Before 2007 they played in the Zuiderpark stadium. The new stadium is easy to reach with the car, but for backpackers or travelers in general public transport is the best option. With starting point Hostel The Golden Stork, you can either walk or take tram 9 towards the “tramtunnel” in the city center and from there take tram 3 or 4. After you get off at forepark you will see the stadium and there is a 15 minute walk left.

During the game the atmosphere is always great. Two sides of the stadium are filled with loud singing fans, these enthusiastic fans will stand during the whole game. If you are looking to sit during the game and rather not sing along with songs your aren’t familiar with, you can buy tickets for section P, H or the family area.

In 2014 the world cup field hockey was organized in The Hague and the games were played at the Cars Jeans Stadion. Hockey is mostly played on artificial grass so the natural grass was replaced to great disappointment of most ADO fans. This year however ADO Den Haag will play on natural grass again.


ADO plays 17 home games every year and tickets are widely available. You can get your tickets at the locket near the stadium. You could probably go on game day, unfortunately the stadium is not sold out often. But if you want to be sure, you can buy your tickets here. Tickets go for around 20 euros depending where you are seated. You need to print out your ticket, if your staying at The Golden Stork, this is no problem since you can always ask to use the printer.


ADO Den Haag is a club with a rich history and great fans. Tickets are very affordable and you will definitely have a great experience. Next season ADO will start with a new coach, a new field and of course a few new players. A new season brings new hope and a reason to go to the game. So I hope to catch you there.