Hostel The Hague -The Golden Stork

You might have a question before you want  to book your stay in our hostel in the middle of the center of The Hague or book your walking tour. Didn't find you question? No worries you can always email, or find us on our social media.

-Hostel Rules-

From what time can I check in?

You can check in from 15:00.

At what time do I have to check out?

You have to check out before 12 pm.

Can I leave my luggage at The Golden Stork before checking in?

Yes! We have a storage which you can use for free for the day!

Can I leave my luggage at The Golden Stork after checking out?

 Yes! We have a storage which you can use for free! 

How often are the bathrooms and toilets being cleaned?

The bathrooms and toilets are cleaned every day from 12 pm till 3 pm and between 8 and 9pm So in this time, you cannot use the bathrooms and toilets.

What is your maximum stay?

You can stay at our hostel with a maximum of two weeks.

What do I do when I have to check out the hostel before 8 pm?

In this case you can come to the reception the night before. You will get your deposit for the keycard back. When you leave early in the morning, you can leave your keycard in our mailbox at the night entrance. If you want, the receptionist will show you the mailbox the night before! 

What can I do to come in the hostel when the bar and reception are closed?

We have a night entrance on the corner of the street. You can come in the hostel anytime you want: the night entrance has a 24/7 access!

What happens when I lose my keycard?

You pay a deposit for the keycard which you get back when you check out, if you give us the keycard back. In case you lose a keycard, you will not get your deposit back and have to pay another deposit for a new keycard which we’ll make for you. 

How much is the deposit for the keycard?

The deposit for the keycard contains €10 euros in cash. 

Are visitors also allowed in your bar, besides your guests?

Yes, of course! Anyone can come over to drink a delicious coffee of local beer! 

I want to book beds at your hostel for a large group of six persons or higher, Is this possible?

We rarely take large groups in our hostel, so the answer would be no. However, you can always send us an email with your situation to info@thegoldenstork.com

What can I do when I lose something at your hostel during my stay?

As written in our house rules, we are not responsible in case of lost belongings. However, of course we will help you search and think! 

-Walking Tour-

Your Walking Tour is free on Saturday, but what does ‘tip-based’ mean?

Yes we have a free walking tour every Saturday from 1pm till 3pm. Although, if you really enjjoyed a walking tour with our local guide, it would be nice for them to get some tips!

 -Eating and Drinking-

Does your hostel have a kitchen?

Yes, our hostel has a nice plant-based food bar. Unfortunately our hostel does not have a kitchen open for guests. We do have plates, cutlery and glasses ready for you all day. So you can just grab a plate and eat your food at our bar! 

Can i eat in my room?

No, it is not allowed to eat in the rooms.

From what time is your bar/ reception open?

Our bar and reception are opening at 8 am.

At what time is your bar/ reception closing?

 Our bar and reception are closed at 10 pm. 

What drinks can I get at your bar?

A lot! We have drinks such as (local) beers, red and white wine, hot drinks such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and soda’s such as Coca Cola, Fanta or Ice Tea. For the vegans we also have coconut, oat, almond and soy milk for the perfect coffee. 

Do you have vegan options at your bar?

Yes! We have a super cool plant-based foodbar and you can always take a look at our menu at our website.

Does your hostel serve food?

Yes, de have an amazing plant based foodbar! You can take a look at our menu here in our website.

Does your hostel serve breakfast?

Yes, we do! For €6 euros you will get a nice breakfast with a coffee or tea! 


Does every room have air conditioning?

Yes! Also: if your room is to hot or cold, you can come to the reception and our staff will change the temperature for you! 

Do you have a hairdryer?

Yes! We have a hairdryer behind the reception which you can ask for anytime you want in our opening hours!

Do you have any instruments in your hostel?

Yes! We have two guitars and a piano ready to play on! 

While staying at your hostel, do I have free use of WiFi?

Yes! You can use our WiFi for free!

Does your hostel have windows in the rooms?

No, unfortunately not. But we have a brand new air conditioning in every room to keep it cool! Plus air circulation! 

Do you have any games to play at your hostel?

Yes, we have! And also a lot! From card games to Dutch games, beer pong to board games, you can play them anytime you want in our opening hours!

Does the hostel have lockers in the rooms?

Yes! We have lockers in the rooms. You can bring your own lock pad to secure your locker, you can buy a lock pad at our hostel for €5 euros, or you can borrow a lock pad with a deposit of €10 euros. 

Do you have lock pads at your hostel which I can buy/ borrow?

 Yes! You can buy a lock pad at our hostel for €5 euros, or you can borrow a lock pad with a depositof €10 euros.

In case I do not bring my own towel, do you have towels I can use during my stay?

Yes! We have towels at our hostel which you can use during your stay. You pay €2 euros to use a towel, and when you check out, you can leave the towel on your bed.

Do you have earplugs at your hostel to use during my stay?

 Yes! We sell earplugs at our hostel for €0,50 cents which you can use during your stay! 

Do you have city maps at your hostel?

Yes we do! You can come to the reception to ask for a city map and our staff will get you one for free