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What can I expect when booking my stay at The Golden Stork?

hostel den haag facilities

  -  tips  &  maps  available  - 

Going to Scheveningen? Discovering The Hague? We can help you to get there!

  -  Delicious  foodbar  - 

Amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner freshly prepared to you

  -  Great  location  - 

Right at the city center, close to everything & in front of a beautiful canal

hostel den haag rooms

  -  Shared  toilets  - 

Nice and clean toilets at TGS

  -  shared  bathrooms  - 

With all comfort for you to take your nice warm shower

  - night  entrance  -  24/7  access  - 

Going to a party? No problem, use your key card to come and go whenever you want

hostel den haag facilities

  -  Music , Games  &  Books  corner  - 

Always something cool to do during your stay

  -  Cozy  terrace - 

Enjoy the canal view with a 

nice cup of coffee or a beer

  -  Live  music  - 

Local artists in a cool atmosphere

  -  Guided  city  tours  - 

Discover The Hague with local guides

  -  There's  more!  - 

facilities hostel the hague
hostel den haag
hostel den haag

Our reception work from 8am til 11pm and if you need any information, tips or help, we will be more then happy to help you!

  -  Extra  tip  - 

Take a look here at our house rules to check what is ok and what is not at TGS. This way we make our hostel extra nice to everyone :)

hostel The golden Stork

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