Student hostel in The Hague

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If you would like to meet new people, our student hostel is where you need to stay at during your trip to The Hague. The charm of traveling is not only in discovering new places, but also in meeting new people. You can do both at our student hostel in The Hague. Curious to find out more about The Golden Stork? Read further!

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Meet and discover at our student hostel in The Hague

We regularly organize activities and events, such as Dutch Dinner Nights, at our student hostel in The Hague. These nights provide the perfect opportunity to meet new and like-minded people during your stay. Do you want to go on a journey of discovery with your new friends or by yourself? Our local staff will gladly share tips about which places to visit in The Hague, one of the must-visit cities in the Netherlands. This way, you will return home with a head full of memories and a heart full of friends. 

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Are you interested in spending your nights in our student hostel during your trip to The Hague? Then directly book your stay online or do so by contacting us via +31704158959 or We cannot wait to welcome you to our youth hostel