Cities to visit in the Netherlands

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Do you want to know which cities you need to visit during your trip to The Netherlands? We would like to show you why The Hague should be at the top of your list. Visit our hostel The Golden Stork and our local staff makes sure you will be pleased with your decision! 

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Why The Hague is one of the cities you need to visit in The Netherlands

The vibrant city life, a beach nearby and canals like Amsterdam but a lot less touristic. Need we say more? Those are a few of the main reasons why The Hague is one of the cities you should definitely visit during your trip to the Netherlands. When you stay at our student hostel however, we will show you many more reasons why our city is a must-visit. We assure you that when you have returned home, you will tell all your family and friends why they also need to visit The Hague, one of the must-visit cities in the Netherlands!

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Are you convinced that you need to visit our city, but still looking for hotels near the Hague? Look no further and directly book your stay at The Golden Stork. Our hostel offers all the comfort you need with many more activities than your average accommodation. To book your stay, reach out to us via +31704158959, or simply book online.