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If you are looking for a cheap hotel to stay at during your time in The Hague, you are very welcome at The Golden Stork. We provide a place to rest whilst having a unique social experience. As we organize many activities and events, we guarantee you will enjoy your time in our city to the absolute maximum. Staying at our cheap hotel in The Hague is like staying with family. 

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Our cheap hotel is the perfect place to rest during your stay in The Hague. At an affordable price, you have your resting spot in the centre of the city. Our mattresses, pillows and duvets are made of excellent quality, guaranteeing a comfortable sleep. You can keep your belongings safe in one of our lockers. The Golden Stork is a very socially active place with various events and activities to participate in. On top of that, we provide you with the tourist information you need to discover all the riches of the city.

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Come stay with us and enjoy the cosy vibes of our cheap hotel in The Hague! If you are interested in spending the night at our place, you can always contact us by calling +31704158959 or sending an e-mail to Want to book your stay right away? Do so online! We will gladly welcome you to our unique location in our beautiful city.