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Do you want to stay at a hostel hosted by locals who provide you with all the tourist info you need to discover The Hague? Then you should definitely stay at The Golden Stork! Our local staff is more than happy to share their tips with you, so you get the best out of your stay in our city. 

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What kind of tourist info do we provide you with when you stay at our hostel in The Hague?

The answer to this question is simple; everything you want to know! Are you a fan of architecture? Our staff will direct you towards the nicest and tallest buildings in town. Do you want to discover the best bars or best cafe in the city centre? Our staff guides, or even brings, you there. If there is any other specific kind of tourist info you would like to know about The Hague, they will happily share it with you. And do you know what is best about the tourist info we share about The Hague? It goes beyond the popular spots! 

Come stay with us and discover the hidden beauty of The Hague

Do you want to discover the hidden gems of our city? Then book your stay at our hostel in the heart of The Hague and we will provide you with all the tourist and non-tourist info you want to know of! To book your stay with us, simply call us at +31704158959 or send an e-mail to Our team looks forward to meeting you.