Cafe Stork

✔ In the city centre of The Hague  ✔ Affordable accommodation  ✔ A guide available

If you are looking for the cosiest cafe in The Hague, Cafe Stork is where you need to be. We are located right in the heart of our vibrant city, in front of our hostel The Golden Stork, which makes Cafe Stork the perfect place to gather with friends. 

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Meet and eat at Cafe Stork

We are not only the perfect cafe to gather at with friends due to our central location, but we also offer delicious food and refreshing drinks. Visit us to eat breakfast and be ensured of a great start of your day. Is it lunchtime already? We have got you covered with great lunch dishes. Were you looking for a place to drink some beers with your friends in the evening? In that case you are also welcome at Cafe Stork!

Visit our cafe anytime soon

When will you come visit Cafe Stork with your friends? We look forward to welcoming you. Do you know that it is also possible to enjoy our food at home? Simply order the food you like through our website and it will be delivered to your doorstep. You will have to miss out on the vibrant atmosphere of our cafe though. That is why we suggest you visit us. Should you have any questions before doing so, feel free to contact us by calling +31704158959.