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The Hague on a Budget

The Hague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and with its rich history you'll never be bored while exploring this city. But for those looking to save a few bucks on their trip, look no further! With hostels being cheaper than hotels or Airbnb's it can help make your vacation last just that little bit longer too.

The most fun hostels in The Hague!

When you’re traveling on a budget, it can be hard to find accommodation that won’t break the bank. Luckily for travelers in The Hague there are plenty of hostels with cheap rates and laid-back atmospheres! Stay at one near your destination or venture out into the city centre to see what is offered from this top 5 list -

Be prepared to see the world without breaking your budget. 

Hostels are a great way of saving money when you're on vacation and staying in one is likely cheaper than booking an Airbnb or other hotel for only yourself, so it's worth checking out if this option suits you! The Hague has plenty of hostel options with many within walking distance from central station, making them ideal for tourists visiting the city who want easy access to all that its sights have to offer. 

5th place - Jorplace Beach Hostel

Located in Scheveningen, this hostel is a great option for those who want to wave a full Dutch beach holiday! The hostel offers free wifi and other amenities like surf-style lounge bar, kitchen for guests with the friendly staff. ("heel vriendelijk personeel") Besides offering beautiful surroundings of sea and sunbathers on white sand shores it's also close to public transport which makes travelling around town easy.

4th place - Pink Flamingo Boutique Hostel

The Pink Flamingo is a boutique hostel, a great place to stay for those looking for an affordable but comfortable option in the center of The Hague. Located in close proximity to many historic sites and museums, this hotel offers guests private room options as well as shared kitchen facilities and free Wi-Fi access throughout the building. This 4th placed establishment also features modern design accents such as its terrace perfect for relaxing after sightseeing adventures or enjoying drinks with new friends from all over the world!

individuele reizigers

3rd place - Stayokay Den Haag

Stayokay is a chain of hostels present in many parts of The Netherlands, and also offers accommodations to the people visiting The Hague. Pros include professional atmosphere, great breakfast service, good central location with bike storage facilities and family rooms option for those travelling as a group. However one downside is that it lacks some informal experience which can be found outside these types of chains; but this does not mean you're getting robbed on your money here- stay at either type will offer accommodation worthy enough to visit Holland's capital city while paying less than expected!

2nd place - KingKool The Hague City Hostel

The second place goes to the KingKool hostel Den Haag. With free wifi, a garden, barbecue facilities and a terrace, as well as private rooms option available for travelers who need their privacy during their stay in this central located hostel - it seems like there's something here that everyone can enjoy! But be wary of some of its accommodations: not all rooms have windows or natural light coming through them so if you're planning on checking out one room make sure to pay attention to how many windows are included with your reservation beforehand.

overige faciliteiten
accommodatie gasten

1st place - The Golden Stork Hostel

The Golden Stork is our winner on the affordable facilities categorie. This Hostel offer great value for your money being centrally located, from there you are walking distance to the main train stations of the city, museums and historical buildings. The Golden Stork was our winner because besides being the most affordable hostel from the city, they offer also a very nice terrace with a vegetarian food menu, which I find a nice plus. Other than this, we like that The Golden Stork is a family business - the owners are 2 brothers from The Hague, that decided to open a small local hospitality business - It gives a cool family atmosphere to the hostel.

One thing that you should be aware is that the rooms don’t have windows - we don’t find it such a problem, since there is a ventilation system, AC and when travelling, we just go to the room to sleep anyway so we don’t need a view so much. But if that’s a problem for you, maybe that’s not your best choice.

In our opinion The Golden Stork offers the bet value for your money in The Hague, and that, along with those other nice details from the place, got the first place in our ranking!

The Golden Stork is the perfect place for travelers on a budget. We offer cheap rates, an inviting atmosphere and close proximity to all of the best attractions in town! If you're looking for accommodation that won't break your bank account while still providing comfortable accommodations with modern amenities like free WiFi, we are waiting for you at The Golden Stork. Come enjoy our hospitality today!