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Where to go in the netherlands?

Are you planning a trip to the Netherlands but not sure exactly where to go or what to do? Check out our list of the best cities to visit during your travels in the Netherlands. Of course we are a little biassed and think that Den Haag is the city to go. But we realize you can not stay forever and there is so much more to explore in our country.


 The most popular destination on our list. The reasons why people will travel to Amsterdam are endless. Some go for the nightlife and partying, the architecture, the infamous coffee shops, the red-light districts, the museums or all of the above. The nightlife is expansive, with many different areas and squares loaded full of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and clubs. It is often crowded in the city center, but on the weekends especially the city is full of tourists from all over Europe. There is an enormous selection of museums spread throughout the city. Museums regarding art, culture and history

The Hague

The political capital of the world. The Hague is a popular choice among travellers in the Netherlands especially for the fact that it has one of the best beaches in the country. Scheveningen beach has a boardwalk full of restaurants, bars and a mini mall with an arcade. The surrounding area is a boulevard with casino's, a cinema and more restaurants and bars. While many visit The Hague for the beach as it is considered an entertainment center in itself, the city center of The Hague has much to offer visitors and locals. The city center is a vast shopping area during the daytime. There are 2 main squares in that come to life. 'Plein' and 'Grote Markt' are both large squares completely filled with bars and more bars next to each other. There are accompanying terraces for all the bars so guests can have their choice of sitting outside or inside. 


An interesting fact about Leiden is that Albert Einsteinlived and studied there. Leiden is considered to be a student-city as there are many schools and programs related to science and psychology. When arriving at the main station in Leiden you can enter the city center and walk along the canals and restaurants and bars that line the street. 

On the other side of the street however, you can find much quieter streets filled with older buildings that remind one of the older architectural styles of the Netherlands. Leiden is filled with nature parks that are great for a picknick.


During WW2 The center of Rotterdam was heavily bombed and almost entirely destroyed. Since then the city has continued to grow slowly and is once again a modern hub. Now Rotterdam is full of modern architecture that stands out from other Dutch cities that still retain much of the old architecture. 'The markthal Rotterdam' is a unique structure that serves as a a marketplace and office building. The interior is decorated with a huge tropical art piece showing nature, plants, flowers and animals. The markthal is full of food stalls, bars, shops and more. Visitors interested in a panoramic view of the city can go to the Euromast tower. This tower has a restaurant, observation deck and even the possibility to zip-line off of the tower. The central station of Rotterdam is a gem of modern architecture as well. The strange triangle shaped structure pointing at the sky will be great for architecture enthusiasts. Any visitors in the Netherlands who are particularly interested in modern architecture will definitely have to visit Rotterdam. The SS Rotterdam is a cruise liner that retired from traveling in 2000 and since then stands in the harbor as a hotel and museum. Close to the markthal is the maritime museum, which features many artworks, artefacts and objects relating to the maritime world. The best way to see the ports and harbors of Rotterdam is with a boat tour. There are many different tour guides to choose from so we suggest doing some research into what they offer. Some are more luxurious while others are better for those traveling on a low budget.


A small city that is only 24 square kilometers in size. Delft is home to the very last manufacturer of the famous Dutch pottery style referred to as 'Royal Delft'. The factory was built in 1653 and still stands today as a museum and attraction to show visitors the age-old tradition of hand-painting the old Dutch plates. Visitors can see the painters in action, visit the factory and view the historical collections in the museum. For nightlife there is a square in the city center called 'beestenmarkt' which is full of pubs and restaurants and also nice benches to sit on so you can actually enjoy the square without spending any money. 

Giethoorn Netherlands


The most Instagram-worthy spot on our list. It is a tiny little village with canals instead of roads and people go by boat rather than car. It is a small, quiet town that is used to tourism already. If you are visiting Giethoorn, it is essential to take a boat tour through the canals or rent your own little boat to make the journey in order to get the full experience of this scenic, picturesque little town. It is a small village and quiet so do not expect any nightlife. This is a spot for easy-going relaxation.

Groningen Netherlands


This city is well-known for its university and the fact that it is a student town. Thursday night is 'student night' which means it is a great night to go out and mix in with the local and international students. The Martini tower is a 97meter tall bell tower that towers over the city and is a sight to see. A very picturesque area is the 'old town' and you guessed it, it is the oldest part of the town. Cobblestone streets lead the way to various old squares full of bars and restaurants. Numerous little streets that are both pedestrian and bicycle-friendly. Many of them lead to little shops and old buildings that have been left alone due to the old style of architecture. Walking through the old square really feels like experience walking through a time portal into the past. 61 Kilometers east of Groningen is the historic village 'Bourtange' which was built in 1953 and used as a fort. Now the village remains as an open-air museum that is preserved in the way it looked over 200 years ago. Year-round the city center offers live music in its many bars and concert venues, but the highlight is Eurosonic festival which takes place every January. 

Eindhoven Netherlands


This is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, but it is one of the most modern. The modern architecture of new buildings strongly contrasts some of the older areas and buildings in the city. Eindhoven is the technology center of the Netherlands and has been dubbed as the 'new silicon valley'. It is home to the research headquarters for Philips, the high tech campus and the brain port among other business and universities focused on innovation and technology. In 2018, the news agent 'The Guardian' labeled Eindhoven as an 'innovation city'. Aside from all that the city center also has great nightlife to offer, Stratumseind is the name of the longest 

'bar street' in all of the Netherlands. The district is chocked full of clubs, bars and eateries. Anyone looking to experience a full and busy nightlife in the Netherlands will definitely be able to find something at Stratumseind. Every year Eindhoven hosts the glow festival, a week-long event that fills the city full of light installations. Guests can follow the map through the city and go see the various glowing artworks, which can range from lights being displayed on large buildings to boats in the canals lined with neon colored lights. A visual experience for anyone who can appreciate glowing art on a dark night.


As you can see there is so much to explore in the Netherlands! We hope we gave you a head start for your adventures in our country.

What is your favorite city and which are we missing? Leave a comment. 

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