How to Survive without Traveling?

09.05.20 08:00 By The Golden Stork

Ways how to Hack the Quarantine as a traveler

Now that we temporarily can’t travel because of the Corona Virus, things can get a little tough without having something to look forward to. For example, I had a two week trip planned to Curacao in May. I was looking forward to this for half a year, so I was really disappointed when I could’t go.

The question is now: how do we survive without traveling? How do we keep ourselves positive? And how can we still discover things when we’re not allowed to go anywhere?

In this post I wrote down a few tips for you that really worked out for me! 

Tip 1: Exploring in your own city

Exploring my own city, The Hague, really helped me out. I know what you’re thinking: ‘But I live here, I’ve already seen everything!’. Yeah, this was my first thought too.

But when I took my bike or went for a walk, I saw something different every time. A forest I didn’t even knew it existed or a beautiful small beach, just 15 minutes away with the bike from Scheveningen.

If you normally travel a lot, what you’re missing the most are discoveries. It’s all about the incentives you get from seeing something new. So if you can do this in your own city, this will help you out a lot! 

Tip 2: Realize what you have at home

If traveling is literally your life, of course you’re going to have some trouble when all of a sudden you can not travel anymore. But this is also a good time to realize what you do have at home. Maybe you start appreciating your parents more, or you realize that you’re really happy with the city that you live in.

To keep thinking positive about this stuff really helps when negativity predominates your daily routine. So: try to see the good in all things and keep positivity in your life! 

Tip 3: Thinking about things that aren’t working out for you

Okay, if you’re not happy with your life, this is THE time to start thinking about what you do want. Are you happy with your work? Are you happy in your love life? Not to make you sad of course, but when you’re not happy with something in your life, don’t postpone something you literally have all the time for now!

Tip 4: Write about your feelings/frustrations

Writing is very important to me personally, so writing about how and what I feel really helps me out. If you’re feeling frustrated or sad about not being able to travel right now, write down your emotions. It helps giving you perspective and a heaviness will literally fall of your shoulders, when you put your thoughts and emotions on paper!

Tip 5: Make plans for the future

Now is the time to write down where you want to go in your life. What countries do you still want to visit? How much does it cost you to travel to this countries? And maybe you’re also thinking about moving to another country.

Making a plan about this stuff really helps me out a lot, because when you do this, you’ll have something to look forward to! 


There is so much to do in this time. The days when you didn’t have enough time are now (temporarily) passed. So get yourself out of bed and try to make the best of it!

I hope I helped you out with the tips I wrote down for you. Give me a comment with your thoughts or let me know your tips to survive life without traveling! 

"Written by Imke (22) who is always in for a nice trip and explore new ground! Also very talented behind the bar at The Golden Stork"